Some Photos From the Field....


Dominican Republic, 2012

In 2012, I organized a 6 week collecting expedition with a 15-person team of undergraduate students (6), graduate students (3), and arachnologists (Dominican (2), Cuban (1), and American (3)) sampling the arachnid fauna of Hispaniola. We visited sites across the Dominican side of the island, collecting more than 72,000 arachnid specimens. 


Education Outreach

This is a collection of photos from education outreach projects I have worked on in New York City and the Dominican Republic.


Cuba 2012

In 2012, I visited Cuba after 7 long years of trying to organize a collecting trip. I spent 5 weeks on the island and visited 4 national parks. Our team of arachnologists included Cubans, a German, a Slovenian, a Canadian, an Icelander, and three Americans.